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Sanmitram Episode 2 – A Conversation with Young Artists from UK

Sanmitram -सन्मित्रम् :- Enhancing Friendship through Cultural Heritage, is a series of short episodes with Young Thinkers in the field of Art & Culture. Episode-2 features conversation with young artistic personalities from the United Kingdom about their diverse talents, interest in research, and the sense of value & purpose artistic pursuits give to their management career & activities.

IF Specials – A Conversation on International Women’s Day

In this episode of IF Specials for the International Women's Day, Ms Shubhrastha gets in a conversation with Ms Savita Jha Khan, Founder, Centre for Study of Tradition and Systems (CSTS); Dr Vandana Mishra, Assistant Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Ms Gauri Dwivedi, Journalist and Ms Hamsa Devineni, Practicing Lawyer and Politician.