From Yemen to Israel, India Ensures ‘No One’ is left behind!

Exemplifying the ‘Citizen First’ philosophy, in times of calamity anywhere in the world, India unites to protect every citizen and underscore the inherent value of all life.
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Celebrated for its indomitable spirit and unity in the face of global adversity, India remains steadfastly committed to its citizens, under the determined leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The government’s  commitment to its people is showcased through India’s remarkable rescue and evacuation missions, consistently placing the well-being of its citizens at the forefront. From Yemen to Israel, India has successfully tackled some of the most challenging global crises and undertaken remarkable and extraordinary evacuation efforts. The ongoing Operation Ajay, which aims to repatriate Indians from Israel amid the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is a shining example of the Modi government constantly shining a ray of hope during foreign crises. Let us reflect on some of the remarkable operations that have taken place in the last decade. 

Operation Rahat: An Exemplary Evacuation Operation

The monumental achievements of Indian rescue operations ere epitomized by Operation Rahat in 2015. This operation demonstrated the nation’s ability to evacuate 6,710 individuals, including 4,748 Indians and 1,962 foreign nationals, from war-torn Yemen. India’s honed skills and preparedness shine through, especially when responding to rapidly worsening crises like the conflict in Yemen. 

Then State Minister of External Affairs, Gen. V.K. Singh, had further illustrated the government’s resolve by personally taking charge of the situation in Yemen, even amid gunfire and mounting civilian casualties. His visit had shown a sincere interest in the welfare of the Indian citizens,  it was evident that no one would be left behind or without help. The trust of more than 26 countries seeking India’s help in evacuating their own nationals provides a strong endorsement of India’s reliability.

Operation Maitri: Swift Response to Natural Disaster

Operation Maitri in 2015 underscored India’s rapid response to natural disasters abroad. Following a devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, India rescued and evacuated tens of thousands of people. The promptness of India’s relief and rescue efforts earned the nation a position of utmost dependence in the eyes of Nepal.

India’s response to the Nepal earthquake remains a shining example of the Modi Government’s proactive approach. Following a high-level meeting convened by the Prime Minister within hours of the earthquake Indian relief planes landed in Nepal at regular intervals; it was one of the swiftest international responses to a disaster of this scale.

Vande-Bharat Mission: The Great Repatriation Operation

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India embarked on the historic Vande Bharat mission, one of the largest repatriation operations in history. This mission has brought back more than 6.75 million Indians stranded abroad due to the challenging circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Operation Devi Shakti: Protecting the Innocent

In 2021, Operation Devi Shakti was launched to protect innocent people from the unrest in war-torn Afghanistan. Aiming to protect citizens from violence, this operation successfully evacuated over 800 people and left no one behind during the crisis.

Operation Ganga: The Guiding Light

In 2022, Operation Ganga emerged as a symbol of hope. During the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, India successfully rescued 22500 citizens, around 1000 Pakistanis and 850 Bangladeshis. The Indian Air Force played a key role in this operation and highlighted India’s humanitarian resolve and expertise in times of such global crisis.

The evacuation under this operation involved Ukrainian nationals who were family members of Indian nationals, further demonstrating India’s commitment to the security of its citizens and their extended families.

Operation Dost: Expanding aid to Turkey and Syria

India’s commitment to helping nations in need extends across the globe as seen in Operation Dost. The mission offered aid to Turkey and Syria after a devastating earthquake, with an Indian Army field hospital being expeditiously set up to provide basic medical care.

Operation Kaveri: Redefining Rescue in Crisis Zones

In stark contrast, countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have faced criticism for their limited efforts to evacuate their citizens from crisis-hit regions. India’s Operation Kaveri in Sudan, where Indian nationals were evacuated in daring operations, demonstrates a different approach, one that even Hollywood films rarely portray. India’s successful evacuation of nearly 3,800 citizens sets a remarkable precedent in the midst of conflict. 

Operation Ajay: Symbol of Readiness

As global crises unfold, India’s readiness to act is evident, as shown  by the recent focus on Operation Ajay in Israel. Although it is not classified as a traditional evacuation operation, it serves as a  visible reminder that India is fully prepared to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens living abroad. Over the past decade, a noticeable shift in the country’s top leadership has brought people first policies to the fore. 

The global Indian diaspora plays a vital role in boosting India’s economy, as evident in a 2022 World Bank report that revealed that it contributes more than $100 billion in remittances to the country. In view of such substantial economic returns, it becomes imperative for the government not only to foster overseas opportunities for its citizens, but also to ensure their safety in times of uncertainty. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has consistently followed through on this commitment. Exemplifying the ‘Citizen First’ philosophy, in times of calamity anywhere in the world, India unites to protect every citizen and underscore the inherent value of all life.

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