Unfounded opposition to Agricultural Reforms

Agricultural Reforms have been brought in by Modi Government to ensure that the Indian farmer does not get left behind
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Here are some of the positive changes that the current agricultural reform is bound to bring in the lives of farmers by freeing them from the shackles of monopolistic law and the cartels of market committees.

  • The inter-state mobility of agricultural produce will give farmers access to new markets and they will enjoy the fruits of a free-market economy. 
  • On a contract basis, farmers can get the best deals for themselves; that too without compromising their liberties over their produce. India loses 40 percent of its agricultural products every year due to lack of proper storage facilities. 
  • With these new reforms, the lingering problem of lack of storage facilities (which has often cost the farmers dearly on many occasions) will be finally dealt with. 
  • Also, with the entry of free-market forces, small and medium farmers will get access to much-needed investment and technology, which are crucial to increase the quality of products as well as reduce the time period between harvest seasons, thus ensuring an increase in the frequency of crops in a year, ultimately leading to more income for the farmers. 
  • The government has also assured its commitment to maintaining the Minimum Support Price thereby, ensuring the financial security of farmers and providing a safety net to them.

It is very unfortunate that the vested interests of rich farmers and some political groups and parties are motivating them to mislead other farmers regarding the new agricultural reforms. Also, it is quite shocking and ironic that the Congress party which proposed the very same reforms in its manifesto for the 2019 General elections, is now vehemently opposing them. 

The Congress Party and its allies are clearly very much opposed to the historic agricultural reform led by visionary and pro-farmer PM Shri Narendra Modi. 

The Congress party by politicising these reforms has also opened the door for foreign politicians like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and some British MPs to make uninformed comments on this issue. Foreign politicians interfering in India’s internal affairs does not throw a positive light on India as a nation. These are the consequences of the actions of a party totally out of touch with reality and clinging on to certain issues to remain relevant by politicising them. 


Indian farmers have every right to feel apprehensive regarding the new bill. It is only natural to be sceptical about changes which affect their livelihoods but the new Agricultural Reforms have been brought in to ensure that the Indian farmer does not get left behind. With the philosophy of ”sabka saath sabka vikas’ (everybody’s cooperation, everybody’s growth), now is the time when we have to move hand in hand with our farmers to foster growth.


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  • The Sikh Farmers have been conned,by the Brahmin/Bania vermins,of the GOI – just like their “Gurus” were conned by the Brahmin/Banias,500 years ago – to wage war,against the Mughals.

    It took the Sikhs 73 years to awaken,and it is too late,as they have still NOT raised,the key issues .dindooohindoo

    The Indian Con Job

    The GOI claims to have a MSP – a Minimum Support Price,for just 2 crops,in some states of India – with no minimum offtake per farmer,and with a cap,on the overall value,of procurement.This has been on for 73 years.

    In the early years,India had a food shortage – and so,the con workked.Then the surpluses began !

    The aim of the GOI was to PUSH the farmers to OVERPRODUCE,with 3 benefits for the GOI and their cohorts

    Sufficient Foodgrain Reserves

    Sufficient foodgrains for PDS

    Excess supply pressures on price reductions and reducing the bargaining capacity of farmers – which is ONLY to help the agri value chain

    So if the farmers were to boycott farming,for 6 months,Global corn and wheat rates in CBOT will double,and the GOI will TRIPLE the MSP ! By overproducing,the farmers are only KILLING themselves – as higher stocks,no storage,interest on loans and poor quality etc.,increases the pressure on the farmers,to liquidate stocks and accept the quality grading system of the arhatiyas.

    When a state in India has a AGRI shortfall it raises the MSP (As there is not enough procurement),and when farmers from o/s states come to dump their wheat – the state refuses.The local farmers see the current MSP and then,overproduce in the next year – and then,the MSP is lowered by the State ! This comedy has been on,for decades.

    In essence,India is a bankrupt nation and cannot do 100% purchases of EVEN 1 crop on MSP,in EVEN 1 state of India.

    Such a simple fact – and the Sikhs COULD NOT understand this for 73 years ? This requires NOT intelligence or intellect.If the Sikhs were TRUE followers of Nanak,they would have known this 400 years ago.There is just NO MONEY !

    The FCI Con Job

    No one knows what stock FCI is holding ! There are 2 types of stocks with FCI.1 is in FCI godowns and the 2nd is in the stomach of rodents (who are also stored in FCI godowns – as permanent residents).If all goes well,2 rats can produce 1000 rats in 30 days.But the genius of the GOI is infinite – as it plans to export rat meat – and so,it is a form of integrated storage – from integrated farming to integrated storage !

    No one knows the proximate quantity and quality of FCI Stocks – except the rats in the FCI godowns.

    So the so called prime wheat purchases by arhatiyas,is diverted to the private market and the spurious and lower grade wheat is sold to FCi as prime.The sales to the private sector is at a premium (by the arhatiyas)

    Similarly,when the PDS stocks reach the POS storage yards,the prime wheat is diverted to the private market and the 2nd grade wheat is procured from the arhatiyas and fed to the poor.It is said that the rats in the FCI godowns eat the BEST wheat and so,the Indian poor eat a grade lower than rats – but they are happy that they are getting anything at all.Perhaps it is time to feed Indians – rat meat.

    The Quality Con Job

    The poor farmers with a debt load are ripped off by the arhatiyas – in the grading system – to sell prime as offgrades.This rip off,is then,in part,transferred to the rich farmers whose offgrades are bought as prime,and the rest of the offgrades are palmed off to the FCI as prime or sold in the private markets.It is a single digit % of the FCI stocks and aggregate purchase,and the GOI neither the means nor the IQ to track it – but it is in the Billions of USD.

    The Justification of the FCI Con Job

    The GOI approves of this rip off as they say that economic value addition by the private sector is better than rats eating wheat and rice in FCI Godowns.And the tragedy is that they are right.

    Therefore rats in FCI godowns are better off than Indian farmers and Indisn consumers of wheat

    The failure of “India”

    India is a failed experiment.The Constitutional structure of India is being dismantled.The states have failed miserably on all counts.GST is proof of the fact that the GOI has reckoned after 73 years,that Indian states CANNOT manage their finances and their economies.

    Draconian Indian Terror laws and census laws is proof that the entire legal and judicial architecture of India is obsolete

    India is obsolete

    The Solution

    The Sikhs are juveniles and fools.Their future lies in Khalistan.India is a failed state.There are only 2 paths for India


    2.Destruction of India and then Partition between Pakistan,China.Lanka,Kashmir,Bangladesh,Khalistan,Dalitistan,Dravidian state and a Muslim state

    Other than a call to arms,if the Sikhs REALLY want to make the GOI – procure on MSP and withdraw the bills,they have to BOYCOTT farming for 6 months.In other words,they need to farm ONLY FOR SELF CONSUMPTION.No sales to the State or the private traders.Thereafer the Farm organisations in USA/Canada and UK can build positions on CBOT.That will offset the agri income loss for the striking farmers

Asnikumar Moirangthem

Mr Asnikumar Moirangthem is a State Spokesperson of BJP, Manipur Pradesh, Founder Secretary of Manipur Thinkers Forum (NTF) and also Chairman of the Manipur Development Society, a State govt PSU.

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