Wokism’s Creep and The Conservative Awakening: Part I

In the Woke agenda, everything is being reviewed by and needs to pass muster with the new Inquisitorial elite groomed in liberal, mandatorily diverse universities.
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The last few months have witnessed the spread of actions and policies inspired by the craze ‘du jour’ manifesting as a sort of revelation from on high and popularly known as Wokism. The influence of this ideology bereft of ideas but resting on fads, affectations and foibles has been noticed in many areas of life mainly in the west. Historical statues have been taken down, street and monument names changed and children’s literature burnt at the stake in a country usually as bland and unexceptional as Canada which yet prides itself on its cosmopolitan neutrality. Even the nationalist and historically minded French have not been spared by the wave of iconoclastic derangement rolling in from across the Atlantic. As a telling anecdote worthy of future anthologies, the municipality provincial city of Rouen in Normandy has decided to remove a statue of Napoleon and replace it with the effigy of a recently deceased French woman lawyer of North African origin.

In monarchical, tradition-bound Britain government services are trying to get rid of gender distinctions in public speech. There may no boys and girls in schools, only sexless youth preferably attired in unisex clothes. Maternal milks is to be called ‘human milk’ so as not to suggest that only women can produce it, in case someone deems it offensive. Mothers and fathers will no longer be called by those names that smack of reviled patriarchy and are to be known as ‘parent one’ and ‘parent two’ although that may lead to a fight for Numero Uno amongst them.

For quite some time in America school administrators and teachers have been expected to diplomatically avoid asking their pupils about their parents anyway, preferring to refer to them as “your folks at home’, so great is the uncertainty about the family or familyless situation of much of the younger generations.

Europe is once more jumping on the bandwagon of its former American colony and trying to get rid of the remains of what is described as thousands of years of hitherto unwitting  Fascism, to be replaced by a gloriously sexless, nationless global herd of computerized robotized post-humans controlled by politically correct social media and deprived of access to all ‘harmful’ literature and information which includes such dangerous books as Tintin, Asterix and vintage children’s literature in general, including Enid Blyton’s novels. The charge is that such reading materials foster ‘stereotypes’ in tender young minds. One can think of a precedent in the treatment of Hitler’s Mein Kampf which was long banned in many countries and then republished with lengthy warning prefaces and notes to tell readers what they ought to think of the future Fuhrer’s opinions. Book burning was a well-known feat of the Nazis and it is now conducted by the patented ‘Antifascists’ who claim that the fight against racism requires practicing a new kind of ‘positive’ racism just as certain French Revolutionaries advocated enforcing tyranny in order to achieve freedom on the grounds that ‘there can be no liberty for the enemies of liberty’.

In the Woke agenda, everything is being reviewed by and needs to pass muster with the new Inquisitorial elite groomed in liberal, mandatorily diverse universities (where contrary opinions are often banned) and vetted by Google and Facebook.

Befuddled witnesses and victims of this latest revolution tend to initially laugh or shrug at the apparent mental deficiency of its promoters until they realise that the champions of the woke imposture are not all dupes of the latest epidemic of hipness. Many are trained fanatics who often find, by proclaiming and enforcing the new rules, lucrative and powerful positions (in such busybodies as ‘diversity observatories’) which their intellectual indigence and laziness would otherwise have not allowed them to reach. They are in many ways the political equivalents of so many self-styled contemporary ‘artists’ who can neither paint, sing, write or sculpt and whose creations are on the level of two-year-old children but who sometimes become multimillionaires on the strength of the promotion they are given within the ‘art racket’ which is all about speculation on a massive scale for get rich quick schemes hatched between gallerists and agents and not at all about beauty, talent and merit.

Likewise, the woke leaders and their opportunistic followers are conspicuously  destitute in terms of abilities and achievements and make up for that handicap by campaigning to overthrow the real values of the past and present and replace them with the vacuous shibboleths of anti-racism (which reduces politics and sociology to dermatology within the ‘critical race theory’), inclusive diversity which negates real national or religious communities and discriminates instead between fake sects based on individual social or sexual practices which make everyone a member of an imaginary minority that finds its identity in the claim that it is being oppressed.

This sort of mass Freudian psychotherapy encouraged at the socio-political level is meant to create general alienation for which the ‘woke liberation’ is presented as the sole cure.

To be continued…

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