Author - Akhil Ramesh

Akhil Ramesh leads the India program at Pacific Forum in Honolulu, Hawaii. He oversees all research, analysis and programming on India. Concurrently, he engages in research on the increasing intersection of economic, trade and national security policy making in the Indo-Pacific. As an extension, he is working toward expanding the portfolio of economic statecraft related programming at Pacific Forum. He holds an M.S. with a concentration in global macroeconomics from New York University in New York, a certificate in business and geopolitics from HEC Paris, France. Most recently, he worked with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Prior to that, based out of New York City, worked as a project coordinator and lead of the mapping project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative at the EastWest Institute. He is a columnist with the American newspaper the Hill and his research has been featured in CNN, Washington Post, Bloomberg and published in global journals such as Nikkei Asia, Japan Times, South China Morning Post, to name a few.