February 27, 2024

Geopolitics: Yesterday and Today

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Consultant to India Foundation Mr Come Carpentier takes us through the geopolitical history of the world leading to the era of new cold war


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  • A great presentation on the world’s geopolitical scenario! Put before the listeners different perspectives backed by the eminent thinkers’- writings, in the past/present. However, left the jigsaw puzzle with no solution at sight. Though the US was an unwilling partner of the allied powers in the WW-2, it realized later (after winning the war), that the world needed to be guided/monitored by the super powers. If the US retracts from this position (of control), the world would become chaotic.
    Right now, when the US is withdrawing its troupes from Afghanistan, India is feeling the pinch. Since India being a liberal democracy, it needs to ally with advanced western democracies. That also serves another purpose: that of the scientific and technological knowledge-transfer.
    The US taking an active role in South China Sea, is not only to contain China but also to protect the interests of Japan. The US is duty-bound to protect the territories of Japan in the South China Sea, as the country has committed itself to it, after the WW-2. The US, the UK and France are even now, suspicious of Germany cozy up with Russia because of the past experiences of: Germany’s fierce nationalism, expansionism and betrayal, during the WW-2. Japan was also one such country then.
    India may have trade relationship with RCEP-countries, so as to strengthen ties with China and other Asian nations. All in all, the speech dissected and unfolded the minute details and complications the word faces today and for taking a direction that suits India’s interests.

  • Very comprehensive and well presented. However, the focus on is now on Quad rather than on Russia and EU. India has to move on her ownbut take support from Quad for some more time.
    India has huge role to play in technologically rapidly altering world politics. It has tremendous responsibility in multipolar Nuclear World.
    India should seek her rightful place in stabilizing Strategic equations as a responsible Nuclear Power.

  • Wonderful talk on the global geopolitical dynamics dictating international relation, power equation and even conflicts from past till present in a very simple lucid yet insightful manner . Worth listening .

    Our MEA, Mr S Jaisahankar in his recently published book said that individual events in foreign affairs can not be viewed in isolation of global trends . Knowledge of geopolitics help discerning these invisible trends and use its understanding in the context of international events .

Côme Carpentier de Gourdon

Côme Carpentier de Gourdon is Distinguished Fellow with India Foundation and is also the Convener of the Editorial Board of the WORLD AFFAIRS JOURNAL. He is an associate of the International Institute for Social and Economic Studies (IISES), Vienna, Austria. Côme Carpentier is an author of various books and several articles, essays and papers

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