Insight With Rami: Rami N Desai in Conversation with Mr. Tilak Devasher

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In this latest episode of Insight With Rami, Watch Ms. Rami N Desai in Conversation with Mr. Tilka Devasher on his latest book “The Pashtuns: A Contested History” and the Future of Pakistan.

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Rami Niranjan Desai

Rami Niranjan Desai is a NE India Specialist, as founding director of the North East Policy Institute, Guwahati she worked extensively in the area publishing on Insurgency and conflict, religion & social movements. She is presently Director of Pathfinder India Consultancy, an organisation that undertakes research and analysis. She has completed her higher education from King’ College in Theology and Anthropology of Religion. Her media outreach is available on India's leading channels.

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