February 27, 2024

State of the Economy – IF Specials with Shri Shaurya Doval

Keywords: Indian Economy
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This edition of IF Podcasts features a conversation on “State of the Economy” with Shri Shaurya Doval, Member, Board of Governors, India Foundation and MD, Zeus Caps.


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  • Very clear and comprehensive overview of the situation. Congratulations. However I would not subordinate any economic planning to the wait for a vaccine as in the best case it will not be effective for all or even most people against all strains of COVID and may prove to be a false hope given the existing record of vaccine research for corona viruses and the obvious commercial and stock market hype around the hundreds of competing vaccines that are being promoted by all sorts of governments and corporations even before serious testing is done. There are safe and effective inexpensive treatments for COVID-19.

  • Chintan discussion needed with maximum people from economist, finance people, professors of IIT , IIM , even some people of agriculture University or good thinkers. All suggestions from all be summarized as a list and then government look to implement them as which required.

  • Long term measures are to be done but now a huge amount of fund to the tune of 1 trillion dollars needed to support all the people— who are jobless and to youths for 1 year atleast , upto October 2021.

  • Namaste,
    Bharath can be super power in economy if we change our strategy in simple steps.
    1. Remove 2000 and 500 Currency from the economy without having problems to the public, the method is so simple, make a statement from the finance minister saying that above all currencies will stop soon and whenever we use a physical currency transaction Banks will give only 200/100/50/20/10/5/2/1 etc equal currency to the public and all 2000/500 will recall through bank within 1 year.

    2. More than all 10000 Rupees transactions should done with any Digital platforms like ATM, Aadhar Linked finger authentication, UPI, Net or Mobile banking system only. Any problem with network customer can access the payment via a call and transfer with a particular number and authentication with Aadhar Developed OTP and Banking applications.

    3. All Public should link their aadhar card with banks and the same aadhar numbers should use as a nationalised Labour card which is automatically linked with bank accounts and PAN card, and all transactions should track by automatically and a total taxable amount can either inform the public through communications channels or any application. With a single aadhar number or pan number public should able to view and pay their taxable amount and as most people ready to pay taxes and quite difficult our tax systems to pay ( I am challenging most of the public government website created for to not help public,it’s against the government,please find atleast 5 people and try to done anything completely in any of the government websites! Like income tax authorities website very difficult to use, even BSNL latest IPTV application site also quite difficult to use as there is a group working against the government to make complicated texts, options, etc in all websites. It’s the major issue that most of the central government employee’s from either Non BJP family and they are working for other parties to make not user friendly websites! ) anyone required clarification I can show all the websites fault including Prime minister’s grievance cell website and application!…. by improving the tax system payment government will able to get trillions In the economy for sure! Unfortunately need someone to monitor such simple things to develop….
    4. All gold purchases and jewellery shops should use only central government billing software ( user friendly and able to access all government agencies any time) and the billing counter staffs should be from the force training staffs as 6 months compulsory job for all in one jewelry or every 3 months to be changed, And either this staffs government should provide with a fixed salary from the government sector or private ( which is need to deploy more in all government agencies like bsnl, Indian Railways etc from some outsourcing companies, by doing this a huge amount government can save as PF, Pension and other amount too) by doing this our economy will be atleast clean 80% from the gold smuggling group’s hands and almost everyone will not invest in the gold and this will run in the economy and definitely a big change will be there In the GDP and economy too.

    5. All officers working in the ports (Airport,Sea Ports and all other ports) should not work in one place more than 6 months! This will help government to stop smuggling by 90% as they don’t have a chance to make dealings with the customs or other officials. All Recruitment should add this clause like the staffs will keep moving one place to other places in every 3 or 6 months.
    6. There’s a chance to invest our enemies neighbor’s country through their people’s working against Bharath and they will invest through this anti national’s account and they will simply control our economy by doing this! That’s why in last 3 months there’s more than 40 lakhs new joiners in the share market! This can stop simply by developing a direct application or website without having broker in the market systems and more than 1 lakhs withdrawal should monitor by government with an artificial intelligence software. I have a master plan if required can explain too.
    7. All land should link with aadhar and all property and land taxes to be changed with a government agencies market price. This will not higher or lesser and stamp duties to be fixed based on the area market price, that also should be not higher( remember whenever we public want put the exact market price in the documents a huge amount of stamp duty and tax is there, that will make public scarry to sell or buy , that’s why public adding less money in the documents. This situation to be changed, either a fixed rate in each area or a very small amount please fix as tax) and link all land with aadhar too.
    8. All Railway station nearest places to build as a bridge system building which trains can pass under the building and let the farmers and shops to rent the property. This buildings should made with public and private partnerships basis, by providing this opportunity all over country farmers can sell the agricultural products directly to through Indian railway without having delay in the payment or delay of delivery. If master plan required please let me know. By developing this system all dead or not used railway land can merge to a good income building and all areas will developed too. All India price can control and lots of jobs will be there and a big boost in aathma nirbhar Bharath!

    9. Please start all over Bharath water taxi services with solar power operated boats will solve traffic and easy to travel with less expensive options and a big change in the tourism too. If required master plan please let me know. Lots of job opportunities and a big change in the carbon waste can control in the country and a zero investment route is available to travel without having traffic or accidents…

    9. Add a rope car service direct from the flight to nearby taxi/parking/railway or other stations which is able to scan, passengers and passengers can save time, a historic movement in airport industry without having much investment and can save traffic,time and carbon producing in the atmosphere will be zero and immigration will be easier by not being que and this rope car also can add Camera’s and mic to use E Immigration process while they sit and travel through the rope car. A lots more can be add as an advantage. A small amount as users fee can take by the airport authorities.