The U.S. Election 2020 – Implications

Joe Biden has to rule a highly polarised country. His priorities largely remain internal ones.
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The U.S. elections left the U.S. society deeply divided, is the opinion of all experts. It’s no more a melting pot, as was presumed earlier. That Trumpism would still prevail after Trump, is a widespread notion. What has brought the country to this pass is a debatable question. In this election Republicans Vs Democrats, Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden were neck and neck. In a democracy, the winner should get more than half of the vote/seats in the Electoral College in order to rule the country. Certainly, this arrangement was made, because it is assumed that more than half the people of the nation, more than half the time, are correct. The others, in the opposition, are to maintain the balance of power, as power is considered to be toxic if a party or an individual are left unchecked.

Contrary to what was enthusiastically expected by the Democrats, in cahoots with the Left-liberals, there was no blue wave/surge in the U.S. election result 2020. This could be due to the cultural war between the right and the left, as their worldviews run contrary to one another. The Republicans have traditionally taken a firm stand on matters of ethnicity and religion but Donald Trump took that to a different level. He did not stop there; his erratic behaviour in international affairs, his internal fights with the press/media and his tweets-diplomacy, were detested by most well educated, sophisticated people. After the 2016 elections, many felt that Donald Trump was an aberration in American politics. However, that was disproved, as he gave a tough and tight fight to Democrats. Democrats have failed to win a Senate majority. Joe Biden’s Presidency will be a tight-rope walk. Biden has to deal with a passionate Republican opposition in the Senate. 

In this election, the Left made radical proposals, as policy implementation measures and some leftist intellectuals voiced outrageous comments that strengthened in reaction the right-wing Republicans. It is said that, as a result, many mainstream Democrats also shifted to the Republican side. Of course, the opposite shift also happened, from Republicans to Democrats. because of President Trump’s reprehensible behaviour. 

The phenomenon called: Donald Trump has many sides. The Founding Fathers of the American Constitution, it is said, placed the Electoral College instead of the popular vote, as a deciding factor, in their wisdom, so that no demagogue could seek/take votes by whipping up emotions and passions in the population. If the popular vote was the only criteria, a demagogue could take it all. However, the same Electoral College helped Trump win the election in 2016! This is the paradox. Next, Trump carried away by his hubris lost the Anglo-Saxon soft touch. He became an irritant to the European countries. Though in parts of West Asia he could get the desired result. Overall, his overseas actions were not fruitful. He had put a spoke in the relations between India and Iran, costing India dearly in terms of oil and gas imports.

Even in this Covid-19 Pandemic year, Trump held large electoral rallies, arguably causing more harm to people’s lives. He called Covid-19, a hoax. He strained his relations with western European nations by reneging on the Paris-Climate accord. Similarly, he behaved irresponsibly with other international organisations and also broke ties with WHO. He supported the violent and extremist right-wing elements in society. He propped up extreme evangelical groups that were detested even among moderate Christians in that country. It seems strange that a man who did not know how to hold the Bible properly impressed the evangelical groups in America!  

Now, Joe Biden has to rule a highly polarised country. His priorities largely remain internal ones: health-care, employment, restoring some harmony in society. It is said that the Declaration of Independence is paramount to American belief and is the basis on which the American Constitution was drafted. The Declaration has four basic assumptions: all men were created equal; they were endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights; governments were established for the purpose of protecting those rights, and the power of such governments was derived solely from the consent of the governed. Biden wisely distanced himself from the far Left throughout his campaign. He is also known to have some good friends in the Republican Senate and Caucuses. With these cards in hand, he has to take along the whole country with him. 

As far as India is concerned there is bipartisan approval of the agreements so far signed by the US Government. The U.S. cannot take on China alone. In any case, Washington needs India and other countries to support its policies. For those who believe that Trump wasbetter positioned to deal with China, it should be realised that although he was obsessively focussed on trade issues, yet he let the U.S.  deficit with China increase during his tenure. Trump also walked away from the Trans-Pacific deal. So, for India, either party ruling the U.S. makes little difference in effect, because they both first and foremost, see to American interests and don’t take India’s into particular account. In any case, India has to be ‘Atmanirbhar’ (self-reliant) and also get along with all nations in the world when at all possible.


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  • Well researched article. First & foremost I am surprised such a technologically advanced democracy still uses paper ballots. Very intriguing. Biden & Harris have walk a tight rope what with the senate dominated by the Republicans. Most Indians detest them because of their outrageous comments on CAA & so called human rights violations in Kashmir. They should realise that the Government of the day in India has an independent mind. It cannot be influenced by the utterances of the President & Vice President of the US of A. India is no more a push over or a satellite country of either US of A or China. So Biden & Harris have to necessary rework their relations with India in the interests of both the countries & it’s people. It’s pertinent to note that majority of expat Indians expect the US Govt to soften their stand on India. Thee utterances of Biden & Harris before & during the elections as far as India was concerned was doctored by the left liberals. A sea change in thinking is required in mutual interest.

  • Well studied article. Let us hope US maintain the same friend ship with Modi, being lady vice President is Indian origin.

  • A balanced analysis well presented. There was an interesting analysis in another forum, in which it was made out that the President Elect would support India but not the Hindutva agenda of NaMo and also on issues like abrogation of Article 370 and CAB. These are internal issues of India but USA will nevertheless may voice its opposition to them. It may be difficult for NaMo to counter these arguments, as he himself openly appealed to the NRIs to vote for Triump during his last visit to USA. I am hopeful that NaMo will be able to establish very good relationship with USA and even Russia (though Russia is no longer in cold war with USA but is alleged to be a strong supporter of Triump.)

  • The comparison between Trump & Biden is well brought and their contrary approaches . The policies during trump tenure as rightly pointed out was highly erratic & unpredictable. In contrast Biden seems to more or less follow the policies earlier in place during Obama’s tenure. The throws light on different perspectives of policy issues vis a vis the Indian position. No doubt there cannot be reversal of all policies pursued by Trump but at the same time Biden is also expected to radically change the policy approaches.
    A well articulated paper with realistic estimate of how & where India stands with the change in guard in USA as in either case they need I dua as it’s strategic partner to counter China . Appreciate the author once again for recap of core issues .

  • I listened to whole article, it was balanced,analysed thoroughly about ground situation in USA.
    I am fond of this author’s articles as they are always balanced and thoroughly analysed ones.
    Keep up the good work madam

  • There is a popular notion among many Indians that the present US government is going to be anti-Indian and pro-Pakistan. Donno… the reason behind this. No doubt, there will be bilateral changes at the face of it. But, will India be the least affected by the change of power from Republicans to Democrats? I know not… but, am trying to make sense of things happening as I’m new to these things and if not for Indira ma’am, I wouldn’t have evinced interest regarding the US election result. Just s beginning into an unversed zone…

  • Good summary of the election results, the themes and the context that led to downfall of the current regime. Majority of people in the United States and the rest of the world are more hopeful than at any point in the last four years.
    India has to focus on economic development as mentioned and not get stuck in playing geo political games.

  • Good morning madam.I read the article which is wonderful.We are concerned about the green card holders who rendered their valuable service to the US as immigrants for many years.Now the ballots won the bullets.
    Biden, the president will take urgent action to end the Trump Administration’s draconian policies, grounded in fear and racism rather than fact, work to heal the wounds inflicted on immigrant communities, and restore America’s moral leadership. As president, Biden will move immediately to ensure that the U.S. meets its responsibilities as both a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. The Trump Administration has made it far too difficult for qualifying green card holders to obtain citizenship.Biden streamlines the to make it more accessible to qualified green card holders. naturalization process
    Quite simply, this is wrong. Biden will restore faith in the citizenship process by removing roadblocks to naturalization and obtaining the right to vote, addressing the application backlog by prioritizing the adjudication workstream and ensuring applications are processed quickly, and rejecting the imposition

  • Sure.and to maximum extent well said. But these politicians are unseen selfish persons. Their actions though look for public good is ultimately to achieve their personal goals. It is true both for NAMO and Biden.

  • Its a divided society like the author says but tough days a days ahead to Biden.Trump priorities were more towards their people which did not go well with many.However irresponsible his behavior could be with WHO or the Chinese or the border issues it made sense to the world and their country people…Still feel Trump must have got one more chance.

  • The author is straight forward so for America relations with India . Trump always on impulsive decisions . Though economy was good. Such acts like behaviour with press and comments on women is unnecessary for a President of Super power. Any way we certainly expect good for Indian students

  • Lucid analysis. However, our self reliance definitely makes us strong enough to take firm decisions. We need not be scared of JB or DT. Even US administration knows this.

  • Great article summarizing Trump’s term, Biden’s challenges in leading a highly polarised country, & India’s focus on Atmanirbhar are well taken.
    Focusing on our country: There is so much to achieve for India to be self-reliant be it military might, or focus on manufacturing (Made in India) or technological advances. Wishing for another term for our Prime Minister who has been an inspiration & has taken difficult decisions to unite the country and has been able to successfully build a great foreign policy.

  • Congratulations, Smt. Indira Garu!
    A very well balanced, frank, unbiased, highly intellectual analysis of the US elections scenario and a very brilliant article!

  • US elections are well summarised.
    Article provides a good description of Trump administration
    I think , India and US relationship broadly remains the same after Biden takes over .
    Trump is erotic and unpredictable. While I agree with comments stated in the article on Trump , I would say Trump had a few positives specially in Indian perspective
    It is unclear how Biden will deal with China and indo- Pacific policy . He also has different stand on Kashmir.
    However, many believe that Biden win will ease immigration restrictions which may help Indians in US.

  • The U.S.Election 2020-implications
    Trump lost elections and joe Biden is elected as president of USA.Yet as suggestedTrumpism prevails and his ardent principles: Nation,Race and religion holds its stamp and the coming years may witness schism in this Grand Old party.
    Electoral college needs drastic changes.It stands for 50 states and 330 million population. It has to serve the interests of whites and further the interests of those who secured voting rights from 1965.
    The framers of this system believed ‘states ‘ but not ‘population’ aiming to decimate’demagogues’ but this is not valid as populism generates strong leader and this is proven in war times as well when nation
    Is in dire straits.
    The writer justifies ‘No blue wave’ and the election result stands at 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump.
    Businessman turned politician though averse to press and media strangles Anglo Saxon States, NATO,WHO and other that states that do not fall in his direction via Tweets and created a space in global politics shadowing times of Cold War.
    The writer senses true intellect and political know how of the winner who Irish by roots remains centrist but not hard core Socialist and so he is capable of fanning and winning a few Senators from the other side and smoothly control the nation rather than fooling the electorates whom he holds in good breath.
    Biden has patience and he partnered with opponent as well as his well wishes and sided with presidents like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and so he can not dilute his main visions like Covid-19 and its ill effects on segments of populace through means like extending monetary benefits, free testing, emergency paid leave and provision of weekly salaries .
    Biden similar to his predecessor opts for relief or forbearance of student loans/ bank mortgages, and provision of free loans to small businessmen and fully staffing all federal agencies,task forces and scientific and economic advisory groups who are on war footing against this pandemic evil. He further opts for vaccine in nearest future to combat this human menace.
    Biden aims to make US carbon free by 2025 , to raise minimum wage to$15 an hour for workers, endorses faith in cardinal principles
    like legal abortion, homo sexuality,
    and transgender rights.Biden fully endorsed climate change,WHO, NATO,amicable relations with Anglo Saxon States.
    Biden supports Obama Health care grafting that have become sour.
    Unlike Trump who is similar to Johnson of post Civil war that was responsible for the creation of Ku Klux Clan and rapid extermination of blacks aims for soothing ‘Black
    Lives Matter’ and broadly focused on education policy that mulls for creation of employment among rural American youth.
    Biden has to survive this phase and has to revive externaland internal domain that has been catapulted by the leader who believed ‘in Greater America’ rather than ‘up holding the Spirit of America and its constitution’
    As for as US and India relations as writer opines it is ‘Atma Nirbhar’ that has to pull India and its relations with US as well as other
    European or west Asian or Far East or SouthEastern nations aiming for growth
    and development in trade,Commerce, industries, technology and Defence.
    Lastly Biden has to enhance relations with Arab countries in a better but not combative manner and so has to revive Iran Nuclear
    deal that was wisely agreed by Barack Obama.

  • చివరికి ట్రంప్ ఓడిపోయారు…అందరి లాగే గద్దె దిగనని మంకు పట్టు పట్టినా కోర్టు కేసులు ఫలితాల్లో జాప్యం అంటూ ఎదో హడావిడి చేసినా చివరికి ఓటమిని ఒప్పుకోవలసిందే ….చాలా కారణాలున్నాయి ట్రంప్ ఓటమికి అందులో ముఖ్యమైనవి కొన్ని చెప్పుకోవాలంటే ఒకటి దూకుడుతనం అసందర్బంగా తీసుకున్న నిర్ణయాలు…అవసరం లేని కామెంట్ల వల్ల నష్టపోయాడని చెప్పాలి 2016 లో చేసిన ఒక కామెంట్ తీవ్ర దుమారం లేపింది 2019 లో ఒక నల్లజాతి పౌరుడు పోలీసుల చేతిలో చిత్ర హింసకు గురవడం, అది ప్రపంచ వ్యాప్తంగా హాట్ టాపిక్ అయింది….నల్లజాతీయుడైన ఒబామా అధ్యక్షుడు గా ఉన్నప్పుడు 8 సంవత్సరాలు బెడెన్ ఉపాధ్యక్షుడిగా పనిచేయడం ఆయనకి కలిసొచ్చింది ఏదైతే ఏంటి రచయిత్రి అనలైసెషన్ బాగుంది ….చివరికి ఎవరు గెలిచినా భారత్ తో ఉండే సంబంధాల విషయంలో కొత్త అధ్యక్షుడు తెలివిగా ప్రవర్తించాలి లేకపోతే అమెరికా ఎంతో కొంత నష్టపోతుందనడం లో సందేహం లేదు ఇప్పుడు భారత్ ఆత్మనిర్భర్ వైపు వేగంగా అడుగులేస్తోంది .

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