Do We Refuse to See the Elephant in the Room?

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The Corona virus started infecting the world from Jan 20 onwards and India started experiencing the effects of Corona from Mar 20 onwards. February 20 saw a deadly riot in Delhi in the name of CAA wherein a large section of the minority community was made to believe that their Citizenship was under threat. A very well-planned protest blocked several important roads, while eminent personalities from Bollywood and media tried to project an image of ultra-right censorship and denial of democratic rights. The COVID crisis proved an antidote to the CAA protest and they had to tactically withdraw under pressure. 

By mid of May 2020, the Chinese had stealthily occupied Indian territory in Leh & Ladakh region as well as in the Arunachal area. When the Government responded with a befitting military posture and combat manoeuvre, the Chinese ended up with a bloody nose which they could show to no one. They never expected such a decisive blow in the first place given the political, economic, diplomatic and military encirclement India and its leadership faced.

Post the Galwan debacle, the country was waylaid into a new crisis by a targeted disinformation campaign conducted by a section of agricultural middlemen in Punjab and Haryana. The farmers protest again was extensively funded and showed a marked improvement from the CAA protest both in terms of management and organizing capability. The farmers protest has exposed an international support network and its money power to mobilise a section of our people against their own state. It is the same mindset that led to India being conquered and colonized for nearly a millennium. Republic Day on 26 Jan 21 was the day when the whole country witnessed the desecration of its national identity and symbol at the very hands of people who claimed to be peaceful and patriotic.

The bad planning and execution of these provocations exposed their authors in front of the public and the movement started losing steam when the COVID resurfaced with a vengeance. The country was caught unaware and within a week, even before anyone could realise, we landed in such a mess that it may take us a long time to recover. Even the conservative estimates tend to predict an agonizing few months ahead. At this rate, even with a lockdown, we seem to be destined to suffer nationwide infection. Considering the youthful demography of the population, even if it were to be assumed that approximately 25 to 40% of the population will be infected with a mortality rate of under 1%, we could see heavy casualties. There is likely to be a massive media and political campaign to discredit the current government by the middle of next year so that it may lose power in 2024.

The various incidents and protests combined with the two to three waves of pandemic did not happen by mere coincidence. They seem to have had their roots in the revocation of article 370 and the big infrastructure push along the border to boost connectivity to the Daulat-beg-Oldi airstrip seems to be the principal target of the instigators. The Darbuk-Shyok-DBO Road threatens the Chinese CPEC project which runs through PoK, where the Chinese have invested between 50 and 60 billion USD. 

The Chinese cannot afford any imminent threat to that project and therefore they wish to capture the Darbuk-Shyok-DBO road alongwith the Dualat-beg-oldi airstrip. This forward move would have opened up India’s position on Siachen and consequently, we would have had to withdraw from those heights eventually allowing the Pakistanis to gain control of the area. This has a massive bearing on the geopolitics of Kashmir, where the fundamentalist Muslim section would continue to be used against the Indian state to cede and join Pakistan.

Such a move would have wiped out the political future of many chest-thumping politicians and the era of spineless left-of-centre corrupt stooges would have returned. The peculiarities of the second wave targeting only India and that too at the hubs of the power and economic corridor raises far too many questions.

  • The naval accidents in its dockyards and ship & submarine building centre’s
  • The fire at the Vaccine manufacturing centres
  • The attack on the Apple manufacturing plant in Mangalore

All of the above questions definitely point towards the existence of forces, both domestic and external to derail and disrupt the growth of this country. So, in the near future when this COVID storm subsides and the sponsorship of farmer protest dries out, we may see a major disinformation campaign, likely to include videos and images of death and destruction and even potential skewing of statistics to project how many people belonging to a certain religion and caste died.

If the educated and confused liberals of this country stop falling prey to these vicious designs orchestrated by our adversaries, this country shall survive every pandemic and attack from every corner. That is how our culture and heritage have survived the onslaught for the last thousand years. But the core of our civilization has started to rot, because of the educational system introduced by the British and preserved by the rulers of the first sixty years of independent India. The rot influences the quality of intellect and reasoning of the demography, which is willing to get happily waylaid for a few pennies and a cleverly crafted tool kit.

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