December 2, 2023

Is the LGBTX Ideology a WMD? – Part I

In most Western, so-called liberal states, a constant, blatant and intrusive promotion of ‘anomalous’ sexual practices is rising to a fever pitch, predicated on the claim that a vast, hitherto hidden and repressed ‘LGBTX et al. community’ needs and deserves recognition, vindication and celebration.
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Some weeks ago, in a school in France, a drag queen was brought to interact with children in the 3 to 5 years age group. This was part of the Government’s campaign to familiarise children with the public policy of ‘Equity, Inclusiveness and Diversity’. Heavily made up and perched on 6-inch high heels the ‘She-Her’ pronoun-ed individual proceeded to explain to the bemused kids that in his/her own childhood she had often identified as a saucepan, and she took one out of her handbag to illustrate her point which was that everyone is free to assume any identity and should not be constrained by social and cultural conventions. The next stage of her performance was to ask her tiny audience to make certain gestures such as shrugging or throwing up their hands. According to how she saw those actions she would tell children whether, according to her, they were straight, gay, Bi or transgender and admonished them if they refused the qualifications she thrust on them.

There is no need to continue narrating this lamentable pantomime that would not have even qualified for a circus or a cabaret performance. It was reported in a widely read blog by a shocked witness who describes himself as a homosexual but was deeply revulsed by that blatant attempt to recruit children for sex change operation by confusing them and distorting their sense of reality and values in their fragile formative years. It must be added that the drag queen’s visit was given police protection to prevent any hostile reaction from parents or others to what is an officially mandated policy.

In most Western, so-called liberal states, a constant, blatant and intrusive promotion of ‘anomalous’ sexual practices is rising to a fever pitch, predicated on the claim that a vast, hitherto hidden and repressed ‘LGBTX et al. community’ needs and deserves recognition, vindication and celebration. Pride, decried as one of the seven sins in the Old Testament and loathed in most religions when it is about oneself, is commanded for those who were for many centuries, in most societies ashamed of, or at least secretive about their sexual activities. Sex is universally regarded as the most private component of private life – except for those who indulge in it for money – and to flaunt or describe it publicly is prurient. Should married or single persons and those who keep mistresses or visit prostitutes trumpet their pride? If not, Why do sodomy or other such practices deserve public encomium and admiration? This question goes to the root of the contemporary social ideology based on the primacy of personal cravings and desires over spiritual traditions, social conventions and even biological laws, all described in ‘woke’ terms as oppressive impositions enforced by a dominant patriarchal hierarchy. Narcissistic self-promotion results from the glorification of wantonness, displayed in the ever more frequent ‘gay pride parades’.  That movement soon turns on ancient civilisations that it seeks to destroy in order to abolish their values and mores. Unsurprisingly the Sanatan Dharma with its emphasis on decorum, duties, self-sacrifice, humility and discretion is a privileged target for the LGBTX ideologues and their followers who qualify disagreement with or disapproval of their exhibitionism as evidence of Fascism.

Many sociologists and scientists have sought to explain the bizarre present craze about sterile ‘entertainment’ sex, transgenderism and ‘gender fluidity. Some have asserted without conclusive proof that certain chemicals used in herbicides and fertilisers trigger hormonal changes which account for the similarly fast-growing number of people who feel misgendered, ‘intersexual’ or experience ‘sexual dysphoria’ according to the now fashionable terminology. 

Physicians and biologists argue that the most common cause of these disorders is mental illness and others blame chemically processed foods and certain widely prescribed medical drugs but there has always been a minority of humans who do not fit into the category of their apparent sexual identity. It is a truism that masculinity and femininity, at least in psychological and morphological terms, are both present in various degrees in all people and are heavily influenced by the family environment, education and surrounding culture. In the Italian Renaissance for instance the younger sons of rulers were often deliberately feminised so as not to become dangerous rivals to their elder brothers, entrusted with dynastic succession. In the so-called ‘redneck’ American popular culture men are expected to play contact sports, enjoy their beer and whiskey and attend Rock and Country concerts. Watching a ballet performance or a classical music recital is regarded as a ‘girlie’ thing. The concept of dysphoria arose with the ‘woke’ theory of multiple genders which is intended to get past sexual dimorphism, since the latter contradicts the LGBTX narratives. Unable to deny that the overwhelming majority of humans are born as either biological males or females, like all other mammals, the preachers of fluidity claim that there is an indeterminate number of genders and that everyone should discover ‘its’ own, preferably with the help of a professional (and paid) psychologist. and even the Bank of England, which should have other, more germane issues in the current economic context, has endorsed the view that ‘male-gendered’ individuals can become pregnant.

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