2024 Poll Results and Puzzling Outcomes

For any party, to be returned to power for a third consecutive term is an achievement in itself.
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Supporters throw petals on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he arrives at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headquarters in New Delhi, India, June 4, 2024.

Reams of articles appeared in the mainstream newspapers analyzing the outcome of the recent parliamentary elections. They all noted that the Ayodhya temple effect wasn’t a factor; in some areas  elections were localized, BJP’s slogan abki baar char sou par had given enough ammunition to the Opposition to target the ruling party with the claim  that the Constitution and reservations were under threat. But soon after election results came out most rejoiced and said it was a victory for “Democracy” because people voted on their own accord and showed the ruling BJP its limits etc.  However, the ruling party BJP took the credit for conducting fair elections endorsed even by the Opposition. As always, at the beginning, the opposition raised some concerns about Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) functioning and voiced apprehensions about the Election Commission’s stance on poll related issues. Their fears were allayed. The other countries were again stunned by the fact that this subcontinental size nation could vote peacefully without any major disturbances.  

For any party, to be returned to power for a third consecutive term is an achievement in itself. Though it has been in office for the last ten years, the BJP, has not lost its vigor, as is the case with many parties. Yet the high hopes and expectation of char sou par raised by the BJP  dampened the spirit of its gain. This time around the mandate is for the BJP Plus i.e. the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). People mandated the BJP to rule along with like-minded partners. The majority in India fully backed Prime minister Modi on three issues: the Ayodhya Temple construction, the abrogation of Article 370 and the development work done. Modi 3.0 was made possible by these factors.

Though many columnists wrote that Ayodhya temple was not a force multiplier in this election, there was certainly an undercurrent of pride and satisfaction among the majority of Hindus that voted for the BJP. Of course. Not winning in Ayodhya i.e. the Faizabad constituency was due to various circumstances unrelated to faith. Many reporters stated that some people complained that their land was taken for temple expansion but were not properly compensated; some others who did not have age-old land deeds were at a loss and the protracted construction work  caused traffic congestion which hurt their business. Above all their local M.P., did not come to their rescue when needed and was callous in addressing the grievances of his constituents. All in all, that was a fiasco.

This election is a game changer for the opposition also. It has become more robust. In a democracy, the opposition plays a crucial role in representing the voice of dissent. However, the principal party on that side i.e. the Congress went back to its earlier vote banks: Muslims, Dalits, and Adivasis in an outright and open way, though it was hesitant for a long time to take that call. Rahul Gandhi was elected in two constituencies with a decent margin and his role has increased in his party. Women like Mamatha Banerjee (TMC) and Kalpana Soren (JMM) withstood all storms. Before that election, the prime minister emphasised that his campaign was directed against two problems endemic to the country. One is about dynastic power i.e. family-controlled parties in Indian democracy. The other is corruption. Nevertheless the Dynasts: Stalin of DMK in Tamil Nadu, Akhilesh Yadav of Samajwadi Party in U.P., Uddhav Thackery and Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra won in their respective bastions. That shows that family-controlled parties are here to stay. By joining Ajit Pawar’s faction in Maharashtra and making him the Deputy Chief-Minister the BJP has lost some credibility in the fight against corruption. The admission of Ashok Chavan, known for the Adarsh scam, into the BJP has made the Party’s assurances in this regard sound hollow. After all, much in politics is all about perception.

In any case, people have sent a message through their verdict to the BJP to be accommodative and to rule the country more consensually, keeping in view the diversity of the nation. The popular mandate is also a demand for effective governance rather than mentoring people on what to eat and how to dress. Personal freedom has to be respected. One-size-size-fits-all policies are not acceptable in this vast country. The BJP government is welcome, with some caveats. That was the ultimate verdict of the national polls.


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  • In a democracy, people give the ultimate judgement call. Big reforms planned might take a back seat.

    Surely BJP needs to closely work with RSS, RSS has been and will be a strong ground force which cannot be wished away- that’s a lesson learnt hopefully.

    This tenure will be interesting to observe how BJP works with its partners and their demands. Parallely opposition will try their best to pull down whenever Nitish and Babu get angry.

    Happy to see Chandrababu play a good role at the centre, looking forward to lot of development at Andhra.
    Election commission built lot of credibility in this process!

  • Dear Smt. Indira garu!
    Congratulations for the most interesting article and your indepth analysis of the 2024 General Election results in India and the outcome and your perception of the factors that had influenced the results; and ultimately theBJP led NDA forming the Government at the Center under the leadership of the most globally respected leader Shri Narendra Modi Garu as the Prime Minister of India for the third consequetive term!

    I fully support and endorse your concluding paras , which you have so meticulously written with most calibrated words.

    Warm Regards,
    Dr.V.V.Subba Rao

  • I agree with your point that BJP has lost it’s credibility in the fight against corruption by being accomodative to corrupt politicians from other parties for reasons best known to them. It also gained the badge that corrupt becomes pure once joined BJP. It has become evident through the recent prepoll alliances. Well, one might say that such compromise is needed to be in power to bring positive changes through numbers. That is far and such numbers are needed now to form the government. Pity after 10 years of reasonably corruption free government. While focus on defence, infra, roads, manufacturing, foreign diplomacy etc are all appreciated, it is now high time to look at common man in terms of rising prices, cost of education, health, housing affordability and many issues . It is a fact that the one defaulting heavy bank loans is happy and free, one paying EMIs and taxes is sleepless today. Time to check and overhaul the internal situation with the reduced freedom due to allies.

  • Smt Indira has given a nice analysis regarding the recent election results. I am one of the many who was disappointed with the results BJP not getting the majority seats on its own . Also Smruti Irani losing the battle while a person like Rahul Gandhi won with a good majority who probably never cared for his constituency. Feel sad for the ignorance of our voters who are carried away by the false narratives and the freebies offered not caring for the real development. Lack of unity among Hindus as opposed to the other group is detrimental.
    I do agree that a vibrant opposition is essential for the country. But an opposition which politicises every good policy, does not offer effective solutions for the growth of our country, keeps complete silence when atrocities are committed by their allies is more dangerous especially when false propaganda against Bharath is done in other countries. Sometimes power in the hands of a government which puts nations’ interest first is more beneficial to the country. A person who has more than one passport, more than one citizenship , leaves the country number of times a year without any proper formalities … is the person eligible to take oath as member of parlament and the person says constitution is in danger.
    I only pray for the wisdom of the opposition and let the present government learn lessons from the recent elections

  • Excellent analysis by Smt Indira
    I do feel a vibrant, wise opposition is essential for the growth of the nation. But an opposition politicising every good policy, keeping mum on the scams and atrocities committed by their allies and especially propagating false narratives in foreign countries is very dangerous to the country. Power in the hands of a government which puts nation’s interest first and strives for the betterment of its people is desirable.
    I hope and pray that wisdom prevails on the opposition and the present government learns lessons from the past and works hard for the growth of our Bharath

  • Hello, Very well written article on Election 2024. Most of the points covered but few left your scrutiny.
    What worked for Congress was their huge but FALSE narrative on abrogation of constitution and reservation policy. BUT
    Points which were left while pointing out increase in their numbers were:
    1. Fake promise of ONE lakh per year per women voters
    2. Huge Freebbies and loan waivers
    3. Similar Fake promise to make caste census and increasing % in caste and muslim reservation.

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